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NBA Podcast: Beard and Stache Chat NBA News

By Beardandstache @BeardAndStache

NBA Podcast: Beard and Stache Chat NBA News

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- Troy Ballard and Adam Parker
Your hosts Troy Ballard and Adam Parker break down the biggest NBA news and the latest rumors in the newest edition of the Beard and Stahce podcast!
Lakers Struggle on The Road: What's up with Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers losing on the road? How can it be fixed?
Evolution of The NBA: How younger teams are taking control of the season, and how older teams are beginning to falter. Is the shortened NBA season the cause?
What's Wrong With The Knicks: How does a team with so much talent continue to lose? How can New York fix the problem?
Dwight To The Bulls: Championship. Howard says he is open in going to Chicago. What would that mean for the Bulls and Derrick Rose? Who would be sent back to Orlando?
Ricky Rubio Next Steve Nash: Rubio has entered the NBA and exploded onto the scene, will his success continue? What is his ceiling?
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