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Naked Man Terrorizes BART Station

Posted on the 27 June 2013 by Calvinthedog

This very strange incident happened at a San Fransisco BART station around May 12 of this year. This naked man with a wild hairdo runs through the BART station doing acrobatics and gymnastics. In between, he terrorizes, threatens and even assaults passengers and BART personnel. Finally, police came, locked down the station and arrested him. He was placed on a 48 hour psychiatric hold and then he was released. Later a warrant was issued for his arrest on an assault charge, but he did not appear on the arrest warrant.

He was later photographed in the Market District wearing a very weird get-up and walking around on stilts. He is a 24 year old immigrant who is an acrobat. He is associated with some San Fransisco anarchist group called Acrobatics Not Bombs. Authorities have recently arrested him again and have said that they are going to deport hi, as he is an immigrant to this country of some sort.

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