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Nails Inc Polish

By Adelemarie @adele_marie90
This isn't going to be a normal haul as I didn't buy it. My sister in fact bought these polishes but the inner beauty blogger in me still needed to blog about them. So she kindly let me take pictures of them (and hopefully will give me the colours she doesn't like/wear!) so I could write this post. Onto the good stuff...Nails Inc Polish

She did the Nails Inc Lucky Dip where you get 6 polishes for £15 which is a good deal considering they are £11 a bottle! The only downside is you don't know what your going to get! The 6 colours my sister received were..Nails Inc PolishClifford StreetThis color is gorgeous. It's a deep purple gray with gold flecks. Definitely a good Autumn/Winter shade and would look amazing on fingers and toes.Nails Inc PolishFenchurch StreetI feel this is a very love it or hate it color. It's a brown caramel colour, slightly darker then camel. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Think I may have to see it on nails to make my decision.Nails Inc PolishChelsea Flower ShowThis is a very sheer tangerine orange color with a shiny jelly finish. Reminds me very much of the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polishes. It also has a scented finish to it and really does smell like oranges.Nails Inc PolishGreenwich ParkGreenwich Park was one of the Medals collection colours which was for celebrating the Olympics last year but is still available in a set with the bronze shade (Horseguard's Parade Polish) and the gold shade (Wembley Polish) for £25.00 from It is a chrome shade and when purchased in the set comes in a Olympic themed box.Nails Inc PolishWalton PlaceThis is my favorite color of them all.. A neon pink!! It is a slightly yellow toned barbie pink. So excited for this color and as my sister isn't a pink girl I'm hoping she will give this to me!Nails Inc PolishBlenheim TerraceThis is a lovely pale pink/peach color. It has a very subtle shimmer and would be great for those days you don't want bright stand out nails and just want something soft.What do you think of these colours? Do you own any of these?Follow me on Instagram: CosmeticGirlAdeleFollow me on Twitter: @adele_marie90

Nails Inc Polish

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By Ann Marie Torpey
posted on 03 February at 17:18

Looks like everyone got the same colours! Not so much of a lucky dip!