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Nail Inc. Trafalgar Square Magnetic Polish - Review

By Lakota @FHCShopping
Since seeing these new magnetic polishes advertised I'd been desperate to try one out, and put the Trafalgar Square shade - described as a 'metallic chrome' on the Nails inc site - on my Christmas list. I went for this as I don't really have any other silver shades, but the teal (Whitehall) and  purple (Houses of Parliament) are also calling to me! My nails haven't been in the best shape this winter and have been breaking quite a bit, so whilst Santa did come through for me, I still had a frustrating wait trying to get them to a suitable length to make a manicure worth while. They're not at their best even now, but you'll get the idea.
Nail inc. Trafalgar Square Magnetic Polish - Review
Nail inc. Trafalgar Square Magnetic Polish - ReviewI removed the outer cap, which has the magnet set into the top, applied a base coat, and then a thin coat of the polish to all ten nails as per the instructions. I waited only a couple of minutes - it seemed pretty much touch dry by then, which is fast - and then applied a thicker second coat to one nail. At this point you are ready to create the swooshy effect using the magnet. There is a small plastic lip at one side of the lid, and it's here you position the edge of your cuticle so that the length of the nail is over the magnet. I held it in place for 15 seconds and an airbrushed looking chevron design had appeared. Ta-dah!
You then repeat the process with each nail in turn, and I finished off with a glossy topcoat to seal it. You do have to be careful not to touch the magnet, or the polish will smear and the effect won't work. I did do this a couple of times on my right hand - I'm used to painting with my left hand now, manoeuvring the magnet was different matter - but another coat of polish and another go at the magnet seemed to do the trick, it's fairly forgiving. Despite sounding rather gimmicky (anyone remember coloured hair mascara?) the 'science bit' - iron particles in the polish which are drawn up towards the magnetic charge - really does work. I'm really pleased with the look and it's been commented on already this morning.
Nail inc. Trafalgar Square Magnetic Polish - Review
As to the price - well, it's not a budget polish. Nails inc is never the cheapest, but it's one of my favourites for the shades and ease of application. When used with a basecoat and topcoat, they also last very well. The magnetic polishes are £13 from their website (free delivery) and from Amazon, although if you're prepared to do battle on Ebay you will be able to find them cheaper. There are budget brands offering their own versions, although I have heard  mixed reviews of these. Besides, as I already have base and topcoats, I was able to get a airbrushed look for a fraction of the price of going to a salon.
I love it. What do you think?
Lakota x
Not a sponsored post. All views are my own.

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