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Nail Ideas: Stripes

By Thepolishwell @thepolishwell
Hello everyone!!
I apologize for the short hiatus that I took for the week! I had been pretty busy... shopping and catching up on my TV dramas. I hate to admit it but I'm really enjoying the Korean dramas that my sister recommended to me. I just can't stop watching them! :$
Anyway, as an apology for being a bad blogger the whole of the week, I decided to do a bumper post for the entries I did for another nail art competition on Instagram - stripes! Although I made it as one of the finalists, I didn't manage to win the competition but it sure was fun doing all these mani-s! ^_^
Nail Ideas: Stripes
This was my first entry for the competition - purple ombre stripes! I thought that it would be fun to try my hands on some ombre nails and added some stripes to make it more interesting.
The base colors used are (from left to right):
Illamasqua - Baptiste
a-england - Lady of the Lake
Purple franken
China Glaze - Light as Air
Nail Ideas: Stripes
Hamburglar nails! I did these after McDonalds started having those cute Hello Kitty plushies again. The hamburglar hello kitty was my favorite but I didn't manage to get my hands on any :( Ah wells...
Nail Ideas: Stripes
Love-lines! I did these after trying out Essence's A Lovely Secret and decided to add something sweet to the mani. The stripes are done using the stringing method that I've used for the Rainbow Stripes and the hearts are added using a toothpick. I think the hearts need a little more practice :et
Nail Ideas: Stripes
Watermelon nails! This mani was done after I was inspired by the watermelon that my mom bought for dessert. My mom thought that the stripes were too straight - in my defense, I did try to make them more wobbly! Funnily enough, when I actually need to make straight stripes, I couldn't for my life get them to be straight enough. :|| Anyway, the watermelon was sure yummmy! ^_^
Nail Ideas: Stripes
Gradient effect using stripes! I actually saw this design on someone's T-shirt and I thought it was pretty cool so I tried to do it on my nails. It may not be obvious but when seen from a distance, it does have some gradient effect. I loved how these turned out <3
What do you think of these stripes? Which striped mani is your favorite?

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