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Nail Fails: Pink Dots!

By Thepolishwell @thepolishwell
Good morning everyone!
Still feeling dotty? I'm kind of running out of steam with all the school work piling up on me. Jayo is faring no better. I don't even think I've seen her around this whole week! Hmm. I wonder if she is still alive and kicking... *dark thoughts* Hahaha!
Anyway, I am a little hesitant to show you this mani because my dots are atrocious. It is my first design that I attempted for the dotting competition. Although it looked really pretty in my head, I couldn't for my life translate the design on my nails.
Take a look:
Nail Fails: Pink Dots!
Ewwww... Sorry for the eyesore. >< I couldn't get the dots to be of different sizes the way I wanted them to. After more than five tries, I gave up and settle for this version that looks remotely decent... well... at least from afar (as far as my arm can reach) ;p

Nail Fails: Pink Dots!

Oops! Excuse the bubble on the pointer. Didn't realize it was there until now..

Just in case you are wondering my mani is supposed to look like, this is the source of inspiration:

Nail Fails: Pink Dots!

Another google search result using the search term "dots" ;p

It looks wayyyyyy cooler in this picture right? I know :(
Well, I guess I finally decided to post this to encourage everyone to give dotting a shot. You will get the hang of dotting sooner or later. At least my dotting did improve slightly with more practice ;p You can be sure I will be practicing whenever I have the time. Hopefully I will master this design one day!
For those who are still a little hesitant to try dotting, here's my two cents worth on how to make dotting slightly easier:
  • Try to pick a pigmented polish so that you don't have to keep dotting to make it opaque.
  • Don't have the colors you want? Mix them! Do some mini-frankening on a sheet of cardboard or paint palette to get the shade you want.
  • If your polish is getting stringy such that you cannot lift up your dotting tool from the nail without pulling out wisps of polish, add a little thinner to the drop of polish where you dip your dotting tool and mix well. It helps to keep your thinner nearby should the polish start drying up again.
  • Keep a towel at hand to clean the dotting tool every now and then to keep the dots evenly sized.
  • Last of all, let your creativity run wild!
Happy dotting!

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