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Nail Designs Over the Weeks...

By Beauty18claudia @Beauty18Claudia
Like most girls, I love painting my nails. If i'm bored or watching a film, I take off my old polish and paint them again. I've been watching Cutepolish on YouTube a lot recently. If you haven't seen her videos, watch them because they are amazing. She can do any kind of design. Anyway, she's inspired me to try some different types of designs and these are the ones I've sported over the last month...
Nail designs over the weeks...  Dab dab nails My first shot at gradient nails with two colours. I didn't watch any tutorial and just did it how I thought it was done, and it looks hideous. Haha. I got the technique wrong, but after actually watching a tutorial, I have gotten a little better. There's another design below. Bourjois 25 and 26 OPI Spark de triumph
Nail designs over the weeks... Galaxy Nails I can't remember who it was, but someone on blogger posted their first attempt at galaxy nails and it looked so good, I had to try it. So this is my first attempt. Took me a while. OPI nail envy 17 Nightshade 17 Sulk Topshop There's no name but it's the dark blue color. Rimmel Purple reign Topshop Desert lily OPI Servin' up sparkle Orly Tiara
Nail designs over the weeks... Purple Dreams This was my first attempt at gradient nails with one color. I will be posting a YouTube video soon on how to do it. I always prefer gradient nails with glitter over the top to finish it off. No.7 Foxglove OPI Servin' up sparkle
Nail designs over the weeks... Marble nails: This one looks so cool but is so tricky. Well I find it is. It took me ages to get the water at the right temperature, and then the design kept looking messy so I kept taking it off and trying again. I tell ya, this one is definitely time consuming. Super finish french white Topshop Gone Fishing Topshop Listen to me Bourjois 25 and 26 Rimmel Sweet as sugar
Nail designs over the weeks... Snowflakes The wrong season entirely but this gradient just really reminds me of a snowflake. I really like this one. I love the blue and glitter separately but together, they are unstoppable. China Glaze Luxe & Lush Rimmel Sweet as sugar
Nail designs over the weeks... Tropical Parrot I bet you're thinking "This girl has some seriously weird ideas for name" yeah...I do. Have no idea why this reminds me of a parrot, but it definitely has a tropical vibe to it. This was my second attempt at gradient nails after watching the tutorail, and I rather like it. It's the design I currently have on at the moment and after four days, it's still going strong. China Glaze Luxe & Lush Topshop Green room Essie Fear or desire
Nail designs over the weeks... Secret Tip-off I have always liked the design of a colourful french tip and I just randomly done this one day. I quite like it. The China Glaze tip is actually a matte polish, but I wanted it to shine so I just added a top coat. 17 Pink grapefruit China Glaze Stone cold
Nail designs over the weeks... Class Act I recently did a post on how to get these nails which you can find here. I had a lot of fun doing these while I watched The big bang theory. It didn't take that long at all and I think it looks really jazzy. All three are by Essie. I'm quickly becoming a huge Essie fan. Essie Bikini so teenyFear or desire and Status Symbol
In between these designs, I just had one colour, or a feature nail but they are really fun to do and I want to get going with trying out different ones. Would you were any of these nails? If so, what's your favorite one?
Nail designs over the weeks...

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