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Nagin Lake

By Jaisonvincent @globlvisiontour
Nagin Lake The Kashmir Valley is not only recognized due to its scenic beauty;
it is also prominent for its wonderful alliance of lakes. The Nagin Lake, undoubtedly, is counted among those lakes which offer undisturbed peace and serenity.

 Widely famed as the Jewel in the Ring, the Nagin Lake is one of the most spectacular lakes that the Kashmir Valley has ever had. Its beauty must not be described; it must only be seen and felt. It is a crucial subdivision of the Dal Lakes. Besides, the Nagin Lake is numbered as the most beautiful fraction of the Dal lakes. Its name is derived from numerous trees, which enclose the deep lake.

Tourism Importance 

As already mentioned, the Nagin Lake, positioned in the capital city of the northern state of Jammu and Kashmir, is a cavernous blue water subsidiary lake of Dal Lake that is unified by a slender causeway. From here, arises its extreme importance. Being a significant and the most stunning derivative of the very famous Dal Lakes, the Nagin Lake has a lot to boast about its beauty, henceforth attracting innumerable tourists towards it. 

The Nagin Lake is abandoned with gorgeous willow trees. The presence of these trees marks the magnificence of the lake. Besides, the lake also houses a fair number of houseboats and shikaras just like its parent, 

the Dal Lakes. Moreover, one can also indulge in activities like water skiing and motoring. Thus, the Nagin Lake is one of the favourites of the travellers, photographers, film makers, authors and writers. Unlike other lakes, the Nagin Lake wraps you in a blanket of calmness and peace.


Generally, the gorgeousness of the lake is enough to captivate the spectators, but the lake has something in store for you-the shikaras and the houseboats. Their presence gives an interesting touch to the Nagin Lake; in fact, completes it. Each houseboat is constructed in a fashionable style. A boy is always present on the boat as a subordinate for the provision of the people. 

Surprisingly, the houseboats provide all the facilities as such of any five star hotels. Varying from cosy bedrooms to tremendously neat washrooms, each houseboat provides a world of its own. Once you penetrate the houseboat, you will overlook the outside world as the houseboat will wrap you in its own world. Dissimilar houseboats are available as per the choice of the tourists. 

A perfect amalgamation of landscapes

The Nagin Lake, being an amazing form of landscape, is well marked from the rest of the world. To its east lies the summer capital of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, to its south exists the very grand Shankaracharya Hill and to its west relaxes the Hari Parbat. In addition to that, the Nagin Lake itself resides at the foothill of the very exotic Zabarwan Mountain. 

Therefore, we can visualise the grandeur the Lake presents. Such a perfect amalgamation of landscapes can be witnessed only in our dreamyland, painted with imagination. But, to our surprise, there does exist a place where one can completely hook up with nature and such a place is known to the world as Nagin Lake.

Best time to visit

The best months to embrace the coolness of the Nagin Lake are between July to September. At this stage, the Nagin Lake is at its pinnacle of glory and must be visited by the people

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