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Naftali Bennett and Palestine – A Match Made in Hell.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Naftali Bennett

This is part 2 of a post looking at the new rising star of Israeli politics, Naftali Bennett. He is the leader of the Jewish Home party in Israel and his success in whipping up interest in the election race could see him being the balance of power in any new Netanyahu administration. He is known for his hard line view on Palestine, and he is totally opposed to a two state solution. The astrology between him and the Palestinian nation is amazingly difficult as I will now explain.

Palestine Bennett

Here we have Palestine’s natal chart on the inner ring and Naftali Bennett’s on the outer. Oh my, where do we start here!! How about Naftali Bennett’s Sun which sits in the Palestinian 7th house of open enemies conjunct the Palestinian Mars which is opposed by destructive Pluto. No love lost there!! Bennett’s Jupiter which sits square to his natal Sun Pluto opposition sits on the Palestinian Neptune. We have faith planet on faith planet squared to Mars, which shows anger and interference in a theological debate. Bennett’s Sun and Pluto put huge pressure on that Palestinian Mars, hugely undermining and dangerous pressure if this connection is badly aspected in the future. We also have deception and slight of hand on both sides of the fence which is possible with the Palestinian Neptune squared by Pluto and Sun.

The 9th house Jupiter of the Palestinians which has so many international ambitions is completely blocked by Naftali’s ambitious and very strong Mars Saturn conjunction. Saturn’s conjunction with Jupiter is almost exact 0:01 degrees so pressing down on those ambitions for freedom and statehood, and is opposed by his natal Neptune which makes a wide opposition to the Palestine Midheaven. His influence therefore will be a dissolving and deceptive one on the Palestinian leadership (Midheaven) working to undermine their effectiveness.

That Saturn Mars conjunction makes a trine to the Palestine Moon (the people). Trines allow action to happen so his will to win and his ambitions are connected to these people in the West Bank & Gaza, and he may have to go through them reach his goals. His Pluto also makes a trine to the Palestinian Moon, a potentially transformational pincer movement which ties their fates together quite stunningly, and will see the nature of the Palestinian Moon (the future of the Palestinian population) change forever through their interaction. In what way? Maybe time will tell…

We have more clues to this through the Saturn/Mars conjunction which makes another aspect which is hugely significant, a double inconjunct to the Saturn/Uranus conjunction in the Palestinian 4th house. I always think that this conjunction represents Hamas, the rebellious forces that rule Gaza and the West Bank, the 4th house represents the land of the nation or state. Inconjunct aspects are difficult and uneasy ones, and they often lead to separation in some form or another; at the very least we have here two philosophies and ways of doing things that do not and will never see eye to eye.

Not shown here because it is in a wide orb (around 4 degrees) the Sun Pluto opposition squares the Palestinian Saturn/Uranus conjunction, another implacable aspect which shows Bennett’s methods and ambitions completely at odds with those of the Palestinian militants. Neftali’s Pluto squares this conjunction too, and I have only one thought for this square, by hook or by crook, he wants to change how Palestine is governed.

Mars makes a double quindecile to the Palestinian Pluto/Mercury conjunction. So not only do we have one dangerous Mars Pluto aspect, we have in fact two. This one is very focused and is in fixed signs which does not bode well. Again we have transformation and maybe destruction in some form, but this time directed at Neftali’s Mars, his actions and his ability to use force. Again at the very least we have anger and severe criticism (these two planets are in jealous and vicious Scorpio) aimed at Neftali. One more potent aspect surrounds Neftali’s Moon which could make a square to the Mercury/Pluto conjunction, showing an intense emotional link between the nation of Palestine and Bennett, one which could change him very radically.

I move you back to the Palestinian Mars for a second. Look how many of Neftali’s planets it makes aspects to on this synastry chart. Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and the Nodes. The quindecile between his Uranus and the Palestinian Mars is just 0:05 from exact, a very risky and dangerous link for the future and one that all but guarantees anger and  rebellion.

For Mars, and the Palestinian one is so trigger happy and militant, to have so many potential aspects to one man who in the future could conceivably be a leader of Israel is in my eyes a totally frightening prospect. On seeing this match up, I dread the potential consequences of it ever coming to pass...

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