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My Word For 2015!

By Jenrene


well, I found it.

my word for the year. how’d i get here?

I dunno. it took a while, for sure.  i started with wanted to make “offerings” and make life beautiful by what I had to offer,  knowing these words would come from  deep place. and much contemplation and  offering much grace and  consideration, and hope.

and in place of that word “offering”; came words like serve and  calm, pursue and  contribute, and  then…endure.

i stopped there. the word endure just resonated with me. I wanted a smooth word that sounds like it wouldn’t ‘punk’ out when adversity came, and it would move into  what purpose, and allow what  was trying to  come forward, to prevail . and if only if I could hold on.

despite what life had to offer.  cling to what was good, and offer love. ’cause everyone needs it.

and i wanted to write a while lot about it. because that’s what my next book is about.

i want it to resonate, and sound clear…

and offer clarity , in  the process of  learning, and acknowledging and living life.

and I needed a word that kept me focused on its purpose.

to motivate. to cultivate. to validate.


so endure did it for me.

and its such a proud word.

i like that.

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