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My Winter Rendition!

Posted on the 20 December 2011 by Medicalminds @Sarina_Med

Its 6:25 AM and the next alarm goes off on 6:30 AM. The 5 minutes that I get are more precious; I pretend to sleep as If it is equivalent to one hour. I still don’t wake up after the last alarm. I let my biological clock decide. For the past two days my biological clock has stopped functioning. I hear my roommate call my names several times. Then I actually realize that I have to be present before 7:30 AM for lectures. I curse the circumstances and the Damn fog!

This is my morning story in the winter season. I was just flipping through some pages of the national daily of Bangladesh called “Daily Star “. In that I read the editors version of the cold season. And what a coincidence! My Republica Editor has something to say about the cold season as well. So everyone has their own ways of venting anger against winter.

I rush back from class just to sit by the sun rays and have some oranges. This makes me feel like I am somewhere in Nepal. I cannot comprehend the cold weather in Nepal. I haven’t stayed for the winter season for almost 7 years now.

I just remember this one incidence, it was a very cold winter. I used to use an electric heater cum blanket during that time. The heat was actually comforting and One day I didn’t realize that I had left it on for the entire night.

Early morning, my room was filled with smoke and some parts of my bed mattress were burned. That was a close call. I promised never to use electric blankets again. Just be careful people!

There are some facts that must be kept in mind during the winter season.

• People take long warm baths during this time. Please avoid doing this; the chances are that you will be losing your own natural moisture if you bath for prolonged time.

• Using extra moistening lotions is very helpful during this time, even for people who have oily skin.

• Drink plenty amount of fluid and avoid having too much caffeine. Caffeine dries the skin.

• Using extra moisturizer during the winter season will not culminate to acne.

• Exercising on a regular basis is very helpful to clear any pores in your skin.

• Improving your diet like consuming citrus containing foods is a must and

• Enjoy the bright sun rays that provides cost free Vitamin D.

I have already mentioned these points in my previous post categorized in winter. But Yet again, I felt the urge to convey this message.

My Winter Rendition!

~Stay Warm~

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