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My Very First Poem…. >.

By Shanesbookblog @shanesbookblog

I met someone who has already become a friend of mine here on WordPress last night after I Posted my Edgar Allan Poe Piece who shared one of her Films with me and gave me a Nudge (which I appreciate very much BTW) to stop doubting myself and Post a Poem already. (I Have not had the guts to do so until she indeed gave me a friendly nudge)…so here goes nothing!  I Have Dedicated this Poem to Tanyeno Aka My new and very inspiring friend! Here is a link to her Blog:

Go check out her Blog, She has a couple of very inspiring and Poetic short films Especially the Film Titled “Mask” A very beautifully crafted short Film about how things are never how they appear on the outside, and how we can so easily miss whats right in front of our Faces. As she put it “We always go by what we THINK we are looking at,constantly making assumptions”.


To Tanyeno

A Ravens Eye

Our Eyes often wonder about

Misjudging the things we see

Forever altering the sanity of what we all Believe

Darker than Light I aim to Achieve

The Ravens Eye I wish to Flee

Forsake me not for I Have Sinned

Forsake me for where I have purposely not been

against the bird of death’s cold and chained Skin

dreary doubt Lurks inside hiding deep within

Seeing Clearly both inside you and your rapturous Evil Grin

I Take comfort in having you To Protect me from Myself,

My one True Friend

 Against the Midnight Hour shall my fears crash and burn in such a collision

Forsake me if you wish But my aspirations are not mine for indecision

Escape with me to Vanity and Let illuminating thoughts set you free

Never again will I let The Ravens eyes persuade me to my Knees

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