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My Lovely Family LOL

By Shanesbookblog @shanesbookblog

This is not the Blog Post I was talking about doing on FB, Still need to finish it but with all the shit going on lately I felt a Poem, well it’s not really a poem more like a Note to my fam….. might help me….not Get 25-Life.

For years I have contemplated

Leaving the chaos we call Family

Crash and burn

You Taught me well

You always Burned my words

No reasoning or justification

Just hate pain and Insanity

What type of uncle lives to lock you up

Crooked cop yes sir you are known for this

what kind of aunt steals money from her dieing sister

what kind of step sister destroys my brothers soul

And acts as if she ever loved him

I see through you’re plastic lies

What kind of father subjects a child to eternal fire

What kind of cousin gets a 13 year old addicted to oxycodone

What evil person sits by and watches his baby cousin turn into a monster

what kind of family takes shots at each other

Mine does

My family isn’t a family

It’s a Spiral containing addicts,Liars,Dealers, Thief’s, and much much Worse.

Everyday I feel jaded

Anger doesn’t describe this type of betrayal

revenge won’t cauterize my wounds

But bullets will ensure I live to breath another day.

I am done with all of you…come around me if you wish but I suggest you’re armed and ready for one hell of a fight.

Shame on all of you for you’re unspeakable actions.

I am out of the Life now and all I care about is my writing and protecting the very few REAL family members I have left…so let that be known.

And to the rest of my family who have been subjected to all of this shit for so many years just as I have…don’t worry…Thing’s are getting better.

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