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Sahm Come See Me!

By Shanesbookblog @shanesbookblog

You crossed the line calling my sister a whore… claim I am fake and all this other shit well come say this shit to my face….here is my address  for the second time….I don’t care if you bring 10 people with you….come down here and you will find out what being real is all about…..say what you want about me but once you start talking about my family kid I will kill your ass in front of  a hundred people. Believe that. If you need money for a plane ticket just let me know and I will wire it to you! Lying is easy but lets see how real you actually are….you are so concerned about my Life you should certainly be willing to come meet me face to face….then we will make a YouTube video that is worth watching lol! Bring anyone you want I will run over you and anyone else that has a problem with me.

304 W. Gordon ST. APT 6 Corbin KY 40701


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