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My Ultimate Summer Driving Playlist

By Mummyoftwo @RaspberryGiggle

July 29, 2013, admin, Competitions, Family, , 0

Entry into Money Supermarket’s Ultimate Summer Driving Playlist competition

Being a big music lover, when I saw Money Supermarket were running another blogger competition, this time simply to tell them your ultimate summer driving playlist, I knew I had to take part!

With our holiday coming up soon we will need to be getting our iPod ready with tunes the whole family can enjoy as we drive to our destination.

First up I thought about songs I would include which bring back great memories for me…

The first song that sprung to mind was Spiller with Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love).  Although this isn’t one of my favorite songs of all time it brings back great memories of the summer me and Big Mr A got together (some 13 years ago!).  It was on the radio all summer and reminds me of how much fun we had in that first special summer of dating.


My second choice is the Beach Boys, California Girls.  I have chosen this as it brings back lots of memories of holidays as a child with my family.  My Mum and Dad would always put their Beach Boys cassette on the stereo at some point during our summer holiday and it brings back such great memories of being a child and having some fabulous family holidays.

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Next up I have chosen the Scissor Sisters with Mary.  Not only is this one of my favorite songs it reminds me of my first festival experience at the V festival in 2005 and also a fab trip to Manchester I had with my Mum a few years later to see them again.


Next is Arcade Fire with Wake Up.  My best friend, who I don’t get to see very often, introduced me to Arcade Fire a few years ago and, although I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan, there are a few songs of theirs I absolutely love.  This song in particular is very special as it was on my birthing CD when I had Little Mr A and he ‘woke up’ to the world as this song came on; talk about great timing!  I could only play this song though if Big Mr A is driving as it makes me cry now whenever I hear it!


This choice may be laughed at as being cheesy but next up I have chosen Aerosmith with I don’t want to miss a thing.  We had this as our first dance at our wedding after a major panic about not having chosen a first dance song!  We had been concentrating too much on what song we would sing on karaoke that we had completely forgotten to even consider our first dance!  It wouldn’t have been either of ours first choice, however, it does bring back some lovely memories of a great day.


I could carry on picking songs for me for ages, however, I will leave you with one of my favorite bands and my favorite song ever, Take That with Rule the World…


Onto songs for the rest of the family now!

For Big Mr A the first choice would have to be something by Iron Maiden, his all time favorite band and the band he has made me go and see with him far too many times!


He’s also very much into his cheesy rock (as his 80′s rock themed 30th birthday party proved!) so a bit of AC/DC would keep him happy for a while.


Unfortunately Little Mr A seems to be picking up some very bad music habits from his friends despite our best efforts to steer him in the right direction!


To keep Little Mr A happy unfortunately we would have to endure a bit of Gangnam Style…

…and, even worst, One Direction!

Thankfully Little Miss A is still very easy to please and some nice nursery rhymes would keep her amused…


Phew!  So that’s it – the A’s Ultimate Summer Driving Playlist.  What do you think?  Could you stand to come on our journey with us or would you be making a speedy exit?!

Disclaimer – As an incentive to enter this competition I have received a payment to purchase music for our driving playlist.

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