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My Top 5 Apps on the Iphone

Posted on the 02 February 2014 by Misspenelope90 @MissPenelope90
hi everyone,
i thought i would share my top 5 apps i use on iphone. These are the used apps on my iphone, which i love, it ranges from how i edit my pictures, to really random ones.
so to start off my most used app is:
1. Instagram!
my top 5 apps on the iphone
well, why wouldn't it be, I use this easierly 5 times a day, and upload pictures like twice a day.Mainly of mny tone it up journey, but also beauty and hair related things aswell. If you don't know what Instagram is, and you really should know! it is abit like twitter/facebook as in it has a feed of people you follow, celebrities use it too, and you post pictures or a short video onto this feed,im not very good at knowing what to film so i don't generally do it, i think it lasts for about 60 seconds, so its hard to fit something into that time frame and people can like or comment on the pictures, it has a popular page aswell, where the most liked pictures appear here, so you can find cool people to follow and then you have your own profile, where all your pictures you have uploaded appear on here. I absolutely love it, and i basically scroll though it none stop. Most people are on instragram now, so if your not you should go check it out like now, the good thing is they have also made it online aswell, so aswell as iphone and android you can get it on the computer too.!!
2.HOT or NOT*
my top 5 apps on the iphonemy top 5 apps on the iphone
Now this is kind of like a gimmick app, it's quite cool for finding people to talk to. HOT or NOT originally began as an online photo rating site made over a decade ago, they bought it back in 2013 as a mobile site. Users upload photos of themselves and the community rates the user photos on a scale of 1 to 10. The resulting average score is displayed online to both the user and the public.
It's basically like a selfie paradise, similar to instragram but you get rated on your pictures, so if you're one of those people who loves to know what people think of you, this is your perfect choice, you never know you could find a person just in time for valentines too, as it helps you find people in your area. There are over 190 million users already on there.
All you have to do is download the app from itunes or google,for free, create a profile and just start uploading photos, then you can browse through other photos are rate those, and you can also message the person if you want to. IN part of your profile you can also say what your interests are, and match you to people with similar interests, so say you have a interest in sports, it will show you other people like sports.
At the moment they are also doing a sweepstake to win $1000, bit of a gimmick again, but you know why not? someones gotta win the money right you just have to download the app using my link at the top, and enter your email address at this website: just enter at I've just recently downloaded it but i check this app about once a day, yes i am always on my phone!
my top 5 apps on the iphone
This is what i use to edit all my photos. Its really good, it makes sure your photo can fit into the square that instragram or HOT or NOT provide you with, you can also make it leave a little white banner around the outside and makes it look like its part of instagram, because that background is white, i've also started to tilt my pictures aswell, which i really like, i think it makes a really nice effect on my profile.
my top 5 apps on the iphone
I got this when Tone it up released the love your body play list, i love spotify but i just kept forgetting about it, so when they reminded me you could get it on your iphone, and for free, i jumped at it, i absolutely love it, any song you can think of is onh this app. The downside is you have to pick a song you want and add it to a playlist to be able to listen to it, on the computer you don't have to do that, you can just pick the song and play, but on the iphone its abit different, don't really know why, maybe because they want you to pay for the premium version, the only reason its free is because they put ads occasionally in the middle of the songs, which are annoying but you can live with it if its free, i kept getting a horror ad though, which was awful, running at 5am in the morning in the dark, and listening to a woman screaming in your headphones was not the best experience ever, but luckerly its stopped now. You can also add it to your blog is your the type of person who likes music on there.
my top 5 apps on the iphone
and the last one is my nike+ running app, this basically tracks how far you run, how long, how fast and how many calories, even though its not very accurate. calorie wise, everything else is spot on. It does run of gps though, so make sure you can get signal before you go running and it will track it better. You can do indoor running aswell (treadmill) but i think that counts how many steps you take. Which sometimes isnt that accurate. It's great because you can add your friends to it, you have your own profile and it records your fastest miles, or longest runs, things like that, and you can gain medals, which i love because it keeps me into it, and they have also just added a training program to it, which is if you want to run a 5k or anything like that, and can't, or want to work on your speed, it gives you a program to follow and show you how to get there, ace!. and tells you how many miles you've done all together, and so far, just on this app ive done over 100 miles, crazy right! so if you like running, or want to get into running, this is a great app to get.
so there you go, my top 5 apps i use the most on my iphone, what are your top five? do you use any of these already or will you be downloading them now?
They are all FREE by the way! xxxxx

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