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My Thoughts on “The Ox Box”

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx

the ox box review

I am not big on reviewing things on my blog, mainly because I don’t want companies hounding me to review things I am not in love with. Honestly, the only time you will catch me doing a product review is when it is something that I think the world just can’t live without OR when I think there is something that needs to be known before purchasing.

Which in this case, it’s because of the latter. Let me explain…

I have been seeing The Oxford Trunk everywhere these days, especially on Instagram, so I had to check out what the hype was all about. It was love at first click. They have fabbbb jewelry at great prices, as well as some fun clothes & accessories. I pretty much wanted all of it. Considering I can never make up my mind, I decided to try out The Ox Box.

I have never done a monthly subscription anything before, but there is just something I really like about not knowing what your going to get (i.e. my KidRobot obsession), and what could go wrong with a site filled with cute stuff? Plus, it was only $25… I decided to give it a go.

I waited for what seemed like forever to get my box, and when it finally showed up at my door, I was like a kid on christmas. The anticipation was killing me. I almost ruined it by googling the April box to see if anyone got it before me and posted about it, but I held back. Self control isn’t one of my best traits, so I was pretty proud of myself.

the ox box review

When I finally opened up my surprise package, I am not going to lie, I was just a bit disappointed. It included a cool little leather bracelet (which my BF stole), a dainty gold necklace, and a really cool mug. From how I described that you’d think I was really stoked on it… right? The thing is I liked everything in it, but it is just not what I expected nor anything I would personally buy, except for maybe the mug. I thought I’d be getting stuff from the site. Or atleast stuff like it?? It didn’t really give me any deets when I bought it, so I guess I just assumed.

I’d like it if they had a quiz or something find out what your personal style is. That way they can tailor fit each box to all the diff. style profiles. It just makes more sense, and more happy customers IMO.

I share this not to bash the company, because I think they have tons of cool shit, but I just kind of wish I read this very post before I purchased The Ox Box. I would have probably rather have spent the money on their sick pyrite bangle or the Kate shorts.

Do you have any fashion subscriptions you love? If so, please share. Still on the search for the perfect one!!

P.S. This may very well be the longest post I have ever written. Hope it didn’t bore you to death.

the ox box mug


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