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My Take on the Whole Young Living Vs. doTerra Thing…

Posted on the 14 January 2014 by Lindsayleighbentley @lindsayLbentley

I don’t know what’s in the water but it seems that every other status on FB is about someone hosting an essential oils party…it’s actually part of the reason I’ve not felt the need to have one myself, because I doubt anyone I know is in need of a new resource!

And think this is awesome.  Whatever gets people to live a healthier, more natural life, I’m all for it!  It would appear that EO’s just may be the gateway drug for becoming a kombucha brewing, broth gulping, homemade-deodorant-wearing weirdo like me!


I have no idea what has caused the recent EO resurgence, perhaps everyone is sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Perhaps folks have started to question the norm for treating and preventing illness and disease?  Perpaps folks just like the way they smell?

Anyhoo, there are two main competing companies: Young Living and doTerra.  As the story goes, while sparing you the gory details, a bunch of folks from doTerra used to work at Young Living.  For one reason or another they left and started their own company…I think they are actually in the process of suing and counter-suing each other as we speak.  I can’t believe Bravo hasn’t picked this up for a new reality show, right?

I digress…

I’m often asked why I chose YL over DT.  

It was pretty simple for me.  My Aunt introduced me to Young Living over fifteen years ago, not by having a party or trying to sell them, but just by smelling Ah-Mazing all the time.  Her self, her son, her home,her car.  She also had such a sweet, calm and joyful spirit about her….I asked how she made it happen and so she told me about the oils.  She also gave me a bottle of White Angelica (!!!) which started this whole obsession. In the beginning, I honestly didn’t know they were anything more than “healthy perfume!”

So, my main reasons for going with Young Living (because you asked):

1. I’m obsessed with their blends – I mean, Joy…oh, you guys.  White Angelica?  I’ve tossed all my toxic perfumes…Envision has become a new staple. Peace & Calming?  I’ve yet to meet someone who didn’t like it…I’ll stop here before I get on your nerves.

2. They have been around forever, and I have a friend who knows the founders and can vouch for their personal and professional integrity.

3. I personally don’t like when companies run a smear campaign against another to further their own product.  I felt that I was seeing this a lot from doTerra (mainly just online, not from any of my friends) and it turned me off a bit.

That being said.  My main goal with this blog is for everyone to find true health and wellness, naturally.  Which I believe absolutely includes essential oils.  If you have access to doTerra – USE THEM.  I think that they are fantastic, pure quality, potent and effective oils. 

I personally know that Young Living work because I have seen it with my own eyes.  I’ve seen Peppermint reduce a raging fever in my little baby.  I’ve seen Thieves keep my kids from getting sick when my husband and I both had the flu.  I’ve seen Peace and Calming help a fussy, hyper child go to sleep.  I’ve experienced Copaiba soothe my sore throat instantly. I’ve felt Joy lift my mood.  I’ve seen RC stop a coughing fit in it’s tracks, Ive experienced Lavender calm and soothe a kitchen burn instantly…I could go on but I’m sure you get the point. 

I’ve never personally tried doTerra, but I have enough friends whom I trust that have seen wonderful results that I would feel confident in recommending those as well. 

There is a LOT of talk out there (I mean, the internet…oh, that damn interweb) that could convince you that either company is working directly for satan himself.  This side claims that the others’ products are sh*t…that side claims that the other one’s are worthless and cause headaches…

You know what it reminds me of?  High School…no, worse. Junior High School.

I don’t want to be a part of it because I honestly believe that both companies make really, really, wonderful oils.  And really this ridiculous feuding only causes stress which we know isn’t healthy – hello counter-productivity!!  Let’s tell both sides to inhale some lavender and chill out a bit shall we?  I am sure both sides feel completely justified, and probably have valid points.  But I don’t want to play and I refuse to bad-mouth another company in order to promote mine.

You know who else sells wonderful oils?  Mt. Rose Herbs.  They don’t have the blends that Young Living and doTerra have, but their oils are fantastic!  Plus, It’s not an MLM thing (which I actually don’t love, but just put up with because I love Young Living so much; another reason I haven’t had an EO party yet!) so Mt. Rose may be the ticket for you.

(I’ve got links for both Young Living and Mt. Rose on my main page)

I’m sure I’m not supposed to be saying this stuff, considering I’m a Young Living Distributor, but I’m asked all the time about this topic and wanted to give you my personal, honest perspective.

So, there it is.  Both are really wonderful.  Both yield fantastic results.  Get whichever ones you can.  

Here’s to full, natural health, and none of the silliness.  Yes?

P.S. – since I’m up (since 5am), and I looooove mornings…I’ll be starting my day with Yoga before my little urchins wake up!  Anyone interested in the videos I use?  They are amazing.  And if you think yoga is boring, or just a bunch of stretching, or can’t get you out-of-our mind fit, they just might change your mind…coming soon!

live well. be well.

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