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My #1, Absolute Must-Have Natural Remedy for Food Poisoning and Stomach Bugs

By Lindsayleighbentley @lindsayLbentley

There are only two reasons you don't need to have this remedy in your home at all times (I don't even go on a trip without it.)

  1. You will never, in the future, get a stomach bug or food poisoning.
  2. You enjoy the experience of a stomach bug and food poisoning.
My #1, Absolute Must-Have Natural Remedy for Food Poisoning and Stomach Bugs

Because of FDA regulations I can't tell you why I love this stuff, nor can I even give you a personal account of how it has worked for us. So, you're just going to have to take my word for it.

It is magic. Absolute, 100% magic and I never let my stock go below 2 bottles.

Every couple of months I get a text or email or FB message from a friend that goes something like "my kid started throwing up in the night, I KNEW I should have ordered that stuff and now I'm kicking myself that I didn't. Do you have a spare bottle? Please, I'm freaking out that the rest of us are going to get it and she won't stop throwing up and..."

I kid you not, I gift out about 5 of these a year, and happily. Because it has taken the fear and agony out of stomach issues for us, which is just about the best sick-related feeling a mama can have. Don't wait to order until you need it.

This is not a sales pitch. If everyone who subscribes to my blog bought a bottle my kick-back wouldn't even pay my electric bill. I'm sharing this because it is so, so effective. And it's cheap. An the reason I started this blog in the first place is because I love helping people.

I just ordered more this morning and their stock is low so if you miss out, check back in a few days.

You can find them on Amazon here:

Order ONE bottle from my amazon affiliate link.


Order THREE bottles here for a better deal, especially if you have kids in your home. We typically use 1/2- 1 bottle per person per incident.

live well. be well.


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