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My Skincare Routine + MY FIRST VIDEO!

By Townhousepalette @townhousepal

The day is finally here! I have created my first YouTube video. I have to say, I felt really awkward recording it because it was something I was not used to. I have decided to make my videos every Friday night and upload them on Saturday! If you cannot see the video, click here for the direct link.
This a huge milestone for my blog and I because I was planning to create videos after I finished Highschool, but I was like why not? To be honest they are a lot of work even with a good camera. I will have all my videos till I graduate Highschool unlisted on YouTube because I am just not comfortable having them on YouTube just yet ;_; I hope you enjoy, tell me your thoughts, and maybe some constructive criticism?!
BTW- I mirrored the video because I was uncomfortable with how I looked.
Thanks for reading-XOXOWhat are your thoughts and suggestions? My Skincare Routine + MY FIRST VIDEO!Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin' Weibo | Google+

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