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My Shui Experience

By Juanatravels
I hardly go for a spa or massage session.  I think I've had 4 or 5 massages in my 20something years of existence.  But since I've been feeling stressed and crappy the past months, I just had to get one.  I purchased vouchers for a Shui massage over at about a month ago and decided to redeem them last Saturday.  M made the reservation weeks ahead and confirmed this the evening before our scheduled appointment.  Shui doesn't have any signage nor is it visible from E. Rodriguez Jr. so we had a hard time looking for it.  It was a good thing though that the spa asked our confirmation via SMS so we got to ask directions from them while we were on the road and they were nice enough to reply to us.  The receptionist informed us that they won't be able to offer ear candling (which was part of the deal we purchased) that day since the therapist isn't around.  Boo.  I kind of got a bit irritated with this since I had been looking to this (another groupon-like site was offering a separate service which I didn't book because it's already included here) hoping to relieve pressure in my ears which had been coming and going, plus we've booked weeks beforehand and had even confirmed the evening before we went there!  But there was no point with arguing with the receptionist so we just took what they offered.
We were called in a few minutes after waiting in the lobby.  A basin of warm water was placed in front of our feet and was instructed to soak our feet in them. The water barely covered our feet and was bit too hot for me at first but was relaxing nonetheless.  :)  The therapists returned after a few minutes or so, and we were led to our respective 'rooms'.
The massage started with Ventosa I think, with glasses placed on my back.  I had this inkling that my masseuse is still on training after she dropped the glasses off my back halfway through the procedure.  This was followed by the foot massage, Dagdagay, (this is what they replaced the ear candling procedure with) which was reaaaaally good though I kept on telling myself while she was massaging my feet with sticks that I should have ran that morning!  This was followed by a typical body massage which was lacking, in my opinion.  The whole thing finished in over an hour I think.
Overall, the only thing I'd probably go back for their foot massage, though yeah, maybe I'd try their other services in the future, but for now, I think I'd stick to ate Josie's home service or the spas nearer my place.
Shui Hilot Spa
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