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My Second Poem

By Shanesbookblog @shanesbookblog

34Lost with the Moon


Cold is cold and the air forever chokes me as the moon is my Light

Shivering darkness I repel and try to ignite

Stars are flashlights and the sky is a compass that leads me home Tonight

Bashfully mistaken I am Lost today

I always get lost stumbling around trying to find my way

If only my mind could stop wondering, I Beg it to stay!

deceit is here and so is deafening fear

If only I had the Moon’s glow with me here

My Journey mite be saved and I Could shed this burdening Puppeteer

Listen closely as Strings get cut and blasphemous whispers get screamed into my ear

Please go away for I can’t stay

Agony holds to me tightly today

Are you listening to the winters blues

Southern tones echoing so loudly they just might bruise

Even though I am Lost My heart blackening with frost

I would never stop now no matter what the cost

Is anyone Listening I know not where to cross

I no longer see the bridge and even if i did

I wouldn’t use it for the easy route I forbid

I am on my own and that’s what I prefer

I am addicted to Pain I am a Lost connoisseur

I Hear nothing at all My own thoughts I ignore

I don’t want to be standing here in the cold, I don’t want to be Lost anymore


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