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My Room 101

By Mummyoftwo @RaspberryGiggle

September 25, 2013, admin, meme, Thoughts & Feelings, , 14

A little while ago I was tagged in the Room 101 meme by Jo from Trouble Doubled.  Now it has taken me a long time to getting around to writing this post and my choices have changed, a lot!  As those of you who know me will know, I am a moaner!  I love a good moan about everything so to choose just three things to put into Room 101 was quite a challenge, however, I have just about managed to narrow it down to the three things that are annoying me most at the moment.  So, here goes….

Number 1 – Rude People

It seems increasingly these days that people either haven’t been taught manners or just can’t be bothered with them.  I was always brought up to say please and thank you to everyone and this is what I teach the Little A’s.  I am beginning to wonder why I bother though.  Quite often I will say thank you to a checkout assistant only to be either grunted at or completely ignored whilst they chat to a colleague!  Also, when driving and you let someone through, is it not polite to raise your hand in thanks?  Apparently not.  It is perfectly fine not to acknowledge this at all and just drive on through.  I think some people think it is their God given right for everyone else to move out of their way.  A few weeks ago a lady asked Big Mr A the time which he politely told her.  Was there a thank you?  Nope!  A very thin smile and off she trotted.  Grrr…..


Number 2 – Noisy Restaurants

Why is it that a lot of chain restaurants have to be so noisy?  I am not talking about customer noise, that I can cope with.  It is the fact that the music is so loud you can’t hear yourself think let alone talk to whoever you are sitting with.  Not only this but the waiting staff seem to do everything so loudly.  Banging trays, clanging cutlery!  Ahhhh!!  At nighttime I can cope with a little more noise, however, during lunchtime when I just want to sit and eat a nice relaxing meal with my family I hate it.  What with all the noise going on, Little Mr A jabbering away and Little Miss A screaming for food I often feel like my head is going to explode – not the relaxing time I wish for.  Phew!


Number 3 – X-Factor

I loved Pop Idol when it first hit our screens and I stuck with it when it turned into the X-Factor for a couple of series.  I just feel it has turned into a ridiculous pantomime now just to make Puppet Master Cowell lots of extra money.  I can’t stand seeing all of the sob stories and the ‘drama’ of people being told ‘that songs no good, try another’ or ‘you’re no good as a group, why don’t you go solo’.  It’s all so fake I think Eastenders is probably more real these days!  Even worse are people that think everything that happens on it is 100% real but that’s a story for another day and I have used up my three things now!


To carry on this meme I am tagging Eileen at ET Speaks from Home, Jenny from The Brick Castle and Pippa from Red Rose Mummy.  I can’t wait to see what their pet hates are!

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