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My Pretty Pinterest-worthy Salad

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx

caprese salad in a tomato

Being out of town, as you saw in my previous posts, involved lots of eating. As much as the food was delish, I have to admit- a lot of it was NOT gluten friendly & temptation got the best of me. Now that I am home… I feel the effects full force. I am more lethargic than usual, and just feeling all around icky. Which means I need to eat clean for atleast a week to cleanse my body of all that gluten.

Basically, I am not much of a salad eater, except for when it comes to the Trader Joes Pasadena salad (a staple in my fridge) & caprese salads. I often make caprese salads at home with mozzarella balls & cherry tomatoes, but this time I wanted mix things up I suppose. Not to mention this presentation is much more attractive & the perfect portion size.

caprese salad in a tomato

+ The Goods: Mozzarella balls, a nice looking & good sized tomato (mine could have been bigger), and some EVOO. 

caprese salad in a tomato

+ A serrated grapefruit spoon would work best, but since I didn’t have one on hand, I just dug the center of the tomato out with a plain old soup spoon. Not as neat, yet just as effective. 

caprese salad in a tomato

+ Add a drizzle of your EVOO and some basil and/or S&P to taste. Next time, if I am feeling feisty, I may even throw in some diced avocados… mine weren’t ripe or I would have included it. 

my pretty pinterest-worthy salad

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