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My Plans to Return to Puerto Rico

By Mary615 @MaryLucilleHyat
Even though I live in south Florida, we do have some cold weather here in the winter months.  Last winter we had consistent temperatures for a week or more down into the 40's.   Now, I know this isn't cold for most people, but it is for me. 
I've been thinking of spending the winter months in a warm climate.  I've looked into Panama, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico.  There are so many things that I liked about Puerto Rico:   the people, the climate, the no-hassle about passports, the monetary exchange (same as U.S.).  I have decided to return to the Enchanted Island for the coming winter. 
I am making plans to rent out my home and spend December, January, and February in Puerto Rico.  I visited a town I discovered while I was in Puerto Rico that I really liked.  It's called Rincon.  It's on the west side of Puerto Rico, and I found it quiet to my liking.  Since I'll have no car I have to find a studio apartment near shopping.  As I drove around the town, I saw many apartments. 
We stopped in Rincon at this little sidewalk cafe filled with locals and Americans alike.   I talked to several of these people trying to get information.  They were all very helpful.  We exchanged email addresses, and I have heard back from several of these people who are all encouraging about my coming to their little town.
So, wish me luck.  If all goes well as planned, I will write another blog about my winter life in Puerto Rico. 
Who knows, I might become a permanent resident!

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