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My Night Time Skin Care Routine - I

By Shoppingaholic @shoppingaholicc


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My Night Time Skin Care Routine - I

My Night Time Skin Care Routine - I

An unedited picture of my bare skin in the night after following the routine!! Okay! I filled light in but that's it. Really!

If you'd ask me what my beauty routine is like? I might answer C-R-A-Z-Y  because I want to be more regular and disciplined with it. However, I do like to hydrate my skin now-a-days as much as I could. If there is one thing I am regular with, then it has to be moisturizer. By the picture you might think my nighttime routine is pretty strict but it isn't. But I would say I love using these products. All of these products are a star in itself. But let me nitpick anyway..
My skin demands intense care and hydration  during night because of all the fuss during the day. My the-most-favorite-serum finished and I wanted to give something else a try and I turned to my blogger friends for a suggestion. I got a huge thumbs-up for Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Serum . This Kiehl's MRS has lavender scent to it, texture is like oil and you need only 2-drops . Yes!! When I read the directions to apply it, I was confused and I really had to re-read the instruction online. It absorbs quickly on to skin and the next day in the morning you will have soft skin like. My skin has smoothened a lot and the big difference I see are pores. They have reduced a lot. I can't say much about redness on my face though!!
For me only Kiehl's MRS is not always sufficient. On some days, I want to slather my skin with some night cream/moisturizer. I have been using Za Night Cream from True White Range. It is one of the lightest-est-est night cream I have ever used. It's white in color and very relaxing when put on skin. But wait!! It causes my white heads, like instantly. They clear-up when I stop using it. But I can't part from it and I apply it on my neck, chest and back area. It smells really good!!
I also use Kaya Overnight Skin Replenisher that contains Vitamins B3, B5, A, C & E. It is said that this night cream is suitable for all skin-types and so it is. It is thick in texture, has off-white color and smells Citrusy. Why not! Just look at that orange color. I just wonder if it will start juicing as well. Anyway! I have not been really regular with it but so far I'd say I haven't been able to see any difference in my skin after using it for 7 days straight. But when my skin needs more hydration in the night, I use it.
I love using Pond's firm & lift eye contour lifter around my area and I use it anytime during the day. But I am more regular with it during night. When I say regular, I use it alternatively or when I am pampering myself a bit more. Light in texture but thick enough to hydrate the eye area, smells good but very subtle. The only thing I want to cure is the puffiness and for the I do a massage which works with any oil or serum. What Pond's Firm & Lift contour cream does is make the  skin around eye area really soft, bright and smooth.
Any skincare routine never finishes for me until I have used a lip balm. Night time demands more work on your skin so it repairs while I snooze. And for that I use a PERFECT LIP BALM  by Just Herbs. It is called COORGI COFFEE lip smoothening salve. I am not a fan of almond oil scent in it but does it work on chapped lips? Like a star!! On top of this, it is natural  without harmful che Thank goodness! I have smooth and soft heels most of the time. But I do get a few lines when I am careless about them for a longer period. That reminds me how much care my heels need too. There comes this amazing Scholl Foot & Nail Cream. It makes your feet feel like baby's bums. My suggestion would be clean your feet, scrub it a bit and use this cream and put your socks on. In the morning, you won't stop touching your heels!! I am going to send a tube to my mom as well. She is one of those who have severely cracked heels and she would love it, I bet!! another MUST HAVE!!
Now comes the time of moisturizing my hands, legs, stomach and back. For that I use Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Smooth!!  lo-o-o-ove its fresh, subtle fragrance that stays for a good 3-4 hours on me. When it come about body lotion, my priority is a good, really good scent. And if it's summer, then it's a plus if it's refreshing like Aloe Soothe. Another good thing about this lotion is that it absorbs in your skin leaving it smooth ONLY. That means it is not greasy at all! For the first two days, when I applied it, I thought, oh it doesn't hydrate much. I'll use it up because I have bought it. But my hands made me realize how good this lotion is. If my body is dehydrated, it's my hands that give me the sign. And my hands say we love this lotion!!
Last but not the least, A product that I use to moisturize my lashes and leave my eyes like raccoon in the morning but kohled throughout the day. It is Biotique Bio Almond Kajal . I bought it from Joy by Nature - my go to website to buy natural products for my baby- specially Anti Mosquito products. I really love this website. So, about this kajal - this kajal is very cooling and soothing to the eyes because of camphor in it and it moisturizes the lashes with almond oil in it. Intensely black color of this kajal makes sure it fills in all black space between the lashes. No matter what world says about cleaning eyes but I love using kajal during night and I will continue doing that. And I will continue using Biotique until I find something else to replace it.
So, here is ma post on my nighttime skincare routine. Let me know if you have used any of these products and if you love them or not.
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