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My Love Affair With the “delete” Button

By Lisaannjarrett @bpdblog

Can you fall “in love” with an inanimate object? Not really, even though some people have (but that’s a WHOLE different story).

No, seriously…. I am IN LOVE with the delete button. It’s perfect for Borderliners as it can help remedy some of the more common characteristics of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) where the Borderliner many times deals with what’s known as “overwhelming emotions”. Also, many people with BPD have to also deal with what the Mayo Clinic states is: “Difficulty controlling [one's] emotions or impulses”.

My Love Affair With the “delete” Button
So to simplify this, a good portion of people who have BPD, like yours truly, do not just have to deal with their overwhelming emotions but they also have great difficulty controlling what they feel and any sudden impulses they may have in general.

For me and other Borderliners alike, it can be so easy to say the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time. People with BPD get taken over by their emotions to such an extent that they get natural, yet addictive adrenaline rushes and just explode with anger, sadness, happiness, or whatever other feeling they may be experiencing.

An example would be: you’re having conversation online with an individual who misinterpreted something that you say. A rude comment is made by the said person, and you get PISSED. The adrenaline kicks in, and the fight is on!!!!

During these types of moments, I can definitely say that there’s been more times than not where I’ve said something I realized hours, if not minutes later that I should not have said.

In the real world, if this happens during a face-to-face confrontation with another person, you could try to apologize later, but if this happens on the internet at a site like Facebook, Google +, and Twitter….. you can almost ALWAYS delete what you said. This, of course, does not mean that your intended audience definitely did NOT see what you originally wrote, but if you’re lucky (and we all have been at one point in time or another), all it takes is one click on the ‘delete’ button and the nasty, inappropriate comment(s) you may have just made minutes before vanish like you never even typed them in the first place.

So back to my original point… when I say I LOVE the delete button, what I really mean is that I love being given a second chance (sometimes) to take back something stupid or asshole-ish I said. It’s an amazing thing for me, no doubt, and while not ALL of the internet is NOT like this (example: most emails won’t let you do this), the parts that are make my life just a little bit easier  :)

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