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My Life Post: Colleges Years That Inspired My Surprise......

By Beauty18claudia @Beauty18Claudia
Yesterday was a lovely day. My friend Clare had paid for half my ticket to see The Lion King in London as a birthday present and it was incredible!! I loved it. I would definitely go again. The costumes were the most amazing things I have ever seen. And the singing was brilliant! I really recommend it if you're thinking about seeing The Lion King....and obviously Wicked is must see as well - obsessed....

Now onto my little surprise...some of you will know, I am a huge Taylor Swift fan. She says a lot, I think, of really inspiring quotes that I think are really true and really help me out when I'm feeling down. 
Sob story time: Although I went to a Performing Arts College and every day I was doing the things I loved, I had a very hard time. I didn't have any friends, I couldn't find any confidence to put myself out there and show the teachers what I had in me and it didn't help the fact that when we had to dance in small groups in front of the rest of the class, this certain girl used to actually point and laugh at me in front of everyone nearly every time. I spent most of my evenings in tears and in my second year, spent some of the time sitting in the changing rooms bunking off with my only "friend". I loved singing and that's the only time the girl had to shut it and the only time I let myself be me. To show how much I was a loner, when Summer was over and it was time for my second year, my friend was supposed to meet me outside so we could go in together and not have to stand alone, however she was late, as usual and so I did what I had to do and walked in alone. Most of my second year was in the front reception and when I walked through the doors, the whole room went silent and every single person stared at me...I wanted to die. Apparently they all thought I had left. I won't disappear that easily. And so I had the worst and hardest two years of my life so far. 
Now, although at the time I hated going there everyday and when I had left I hated the memories. I was always grumpy and still used to cry a lot. I am now, four years on, extremely thankful for the experiences I had. I never stood up to myself. I always used to, but college made me go into a very very deep shell and I became someone else. Now I refuse to let people who put me down in any way stand in my way. I have a right to be me and to be fearless.

My life Post: Colleges years that inspired my surprise......
This is my tattoo and the quote I got. It's means a lot to me know, and when I think, "No I can't do that" I think (or now I can read) this quote and it really, cheesily, helps me.
I'm sorry if any of you were bored. I never used to talk about my college years, but now I feel as though I can. I like these types of life posts every now and again, and I enjoy reading them and getting to know other people on a different level.
It's a sunny hot day and I'm going to enjoy the air show at the beach with my mom. 
Have a lovely sunny day lovelys!
My life Post: Colleges years that inspired my surprise......

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