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My Last 10 Photos

By Sara Zwicker @SaraZwicker

Hey friends…HAPPY FRIDAY!  Did you all wake up with some of that white stuff on the ground like I did this morning??  I was like, what is going on here??? HA! Can you tell I’m not ready for Winter?  Hell, let’s be honest, I will never be ready for Winter, I really, really dislike the cold weather, but it’s coming so I am just going to suck it up and move on…SO, I am sorry missed you all on Wednesday, we had a big sales and marketing meeting this week which meant long days of meetings and long nights of events so I just didn’t have the time or brain capacity to write anything up.  I am still trying to get caught up from not being able to work most of the week so I thought I would do something a bit different today on the blog.

Yesterday I got an alert that my Dropbox was full (both my phones automatically upload to my Dropbox) so I was curious as to how many pictures I had on my phone and in my Dropbox.  Without embarrassing myself, there were A LOT.  Like many thousands–eek!  I love to take pictures, especially of Ashton and as I was going through my pictures, I was laughing at the randomness of some of them.  So, today, I am going to share with you the last 10 pictures uploaded to my dropbox. Enjoy!

1. Waiting for Daddy to get out of work so Mama can go teach at the gym! He always has to sit in the front seat to wait with me.


2. Robyn made homemade chocolate chip cookies with a PB center that were as big as my hands!  They were delicious–confession…I had more than 1!


3. Ashton is still rocking his Halloween costume in mid-November! #drseussforlife


4. I was wondering why it hurt to stand, this was why!  I had one on BOTH toes…that was a first for me!


5. Ashton watching his cousin play a game on his new phone.


6. Trying to get a picture of Ashton and I cuddled on the couch..he was in such a silly mood…take 1!


7. Take 2!


8. A side view of our new walkway


9. Ashton loving his new steps!  Love=stomping for a toddler!


10.  Ashton loves his talking Elmo and always hugs and kisses him!  It’s so sweet to watch him talk to him.


That’s it for me today folks, I have about 7 hours standing between me and the weekend.  I want you all to have a great day and an even better weekend, okay?  I will see you all on Monday!


Question of the day

Who else takes a ridiculous amount of pictures?  What were your last 10?  Join in!

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