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My Internship

By Alicebodkin94 @AliceBodkin

There is often a divides with views upon internships and work experience. Some believe that working for no money is just wrong, whilst others, like myself see the view that it is a tool for your learning and a vehicle to progress up the career ladder. Although I am not closed minded, I recognize that it is very hard to remain in an unpaid internship when you have bills to pay etc.

However, I have been doing an internship, working remotely from home,whilst studying. Thus this solves any transport costs and my bills are covered within my loan.

I cannot explain how much I have learnt from doing it. I strongly believe that if you want something, you have to work for it. And working for nothing can be hard, but I don’t see it like that. I am being paid with experience and the opportunity to deepen my knowledge. I am 18 years old, therefore I am young and inexperienced. Jobs these days need people with experience, which is why I am so committed to learning. I personally believe you have to stay humble to learning, because once you feel you know everything, or have learnt enough, then you are boring. I think you just have to preserve and work hard and take any opportunities that come your way. Like they say, you have to get through the bad (not getting paid) to get to the good ( ultimately a job and wider knowledge).

All in all I really love my internship with Fabryan London. And I got one of their beautiful scarves in the post as a thank you/Christmas present. It really is the most AMAZING and SOFTEST thing ever. I can’t stop wearing it!

Thank you Fabryan!



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