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My Guide to Living Life to the Full

By Lollicious @lollicious

My Guide to Living Life to the Full

Do you think that you live life to the full? So many people just go through the motions in life. They get up, go to work, eat, go to sleep. Or something to that effect. They do this most days. Occasionally, they'll have a bit of fun. But is that really living, or existing? If you want to live and not just exist, this guide is for you. Start living life to the full with these tips:

If you're not doing things that scare you, are you really living? Do things you're afraid of doing, so you can say you've done them. We're usually afraid of doing things because we're scared of looking silly, or even failing. However, once we take the steps to do them we realise we were more than capable. This brings more confidence and willingness to try new things!

Get Some Help if You Need it

Some people need a little help to get the most enjoyment out of life, and there's no shame in it. Maybe you're a little older and not as mobile as you once were. Maybe you'd like help with tasks that you find more difficult now. could be the solution. Your friends and family may even be happy to assist you.

Make a List of Things You'd Like to Do

To get it all out of your head, make a list of things you'd like to do. Call it your bucket list. Add to it as you think of new things. Start working your way through it. This can be immensely satisfying! It's a sad fact that many people don't even start their bucket lists. Start fulfilling your dreams now. We weren't all born to work and die!

Focus on Learning All Through Life

Learn as much as you can all through life. Something you're not good at? Get better at it. Something you want to learn about? Start now. There's no better time like the present. The same amount of time will pass whether you decide to do it or not, so you might as well.

We can all get stressed and busy, so it's easy to say no when you're asked to do something. Say yes for a bit instead. Go out of your way to do things even if it seems like it'll be a bit of a rush or a struggle. Just get out there and live as much as you can. Watch the film 'Yes Man' to back up this point.

My Guide to Living Life to the Full

Make the most of your loved ones and see them. Set some time aside as often as you can for a catch up, even if it's just half an hour. You'll feel so much better when you work on your important relationships !

By now you should have an idea of how to live life to the full. Start right now and you'll begin to realise all life has to offer! Leave a comment below if any of these tips have inspired you. See you back here soon!

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