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“My Glee Moment.”

By Jenrene

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This is my : “Glee Moment”.  I  found out something about myself when I treated myself to something special this  past birthday, I had on October 14th. I LOOOOVVVVEEE the Woods!!There’s something so serene and secure about being in the  pure  fresh, air. And breathing it in and listening to those awesome sounds. it’s so funny, because before I  moved to the Midwest, I didn’t know this about myself, but slowly and surely, I fell in love with  Mother Nature.

leavy baby
woods copy

 You tend to see the neatest things in the woods. I  didn’t suspect I would see such beautiful, curly leaves and  see a nice beautiful bridge in the  very deep of the woods, but  I did. I promised myself during this month of November when  I blogged daily, I would  create posts that spoke of my journey to  personal solitude and good mental health, while in the woods.

I really needed it, because I’ve been challenged with some of my greatest personal issues this year. I needed to  find myself again.  ( How do you lose yourself in the first place? _ well, I suppose life just happens, you get hurt, and you  experience losses and  you have expectations of  life and people, and you’re disappointed,  and you get misunderstood. But life goes on, you cannot decide you will  get stuck, because of those challenges, you just have to keep going. I tell you, if that’s what you need, you really need to go into the wild, to find yourself.   Wooded areas can be such a vulnerable place, yet so calm and serene. But vulnerability is good, remember? Just talk to Brene’ brown, and she will tell ya!  Speaking of  Brene’ , I  saw a cool video on YouTube where she was speaking about that, just today, so  listen in…

Muah!  Love de Love!

Muah! Love de Love!

So… I kissed life as I knew it goodbye, and I RAN to the woods for solace.  I had several prayer walks, felt like I  heard God’s voice deep within and I feel RENEWED!!  ( Yea!!) I must say, it’s one of the best decisions I have made in a long time, and it was the BEST birthday gift I have given myself  in a LONG while! (Whew!)

So yes… I took all these “selfies”, ( as I usually do…)  and  I will continue to take more as  I spend time with myself, because this is the BEST time of my life and I am GLAD!!


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