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My First Trip

By Vickilane

                          My First Trip

When I was five or six, I had my tonsils out--a routine procedure in those days for kids who got a lot of sore throats aka tonsillitis. I remember the liquid jello I was given to drink after the procedure and the nifty bendy straw. But mainly I remember the 'dream' I had while under ether.

I was one of a number of clowns, riding crescent moons that dipped and rose through a dark sky. In my mind, there were mud puddles beneath us and each dizzying swoop downward brought me nearer a mud puddle. The moons were yellow and we clowns wore purple outfits with moons and stars on them.

That was over seventy years ago and I still can see it. I tried to paint it but what I ended up with is more like an illustration for a kids' book. My trip was scarier--and the sky was black and absolutely filled with dipping moons and clowns--like a pod of killer whales. 

Maybe I'll try to do that one later.

My First Trip

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