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My First Retreat Dream Come True…

By Jenrene


This past weekend, July 12th and 13th of 2013, I had awaited for some time.  I led a retreat this weekend.  it’s something I have been wanting to do for a very long time. As I did, I shared dreams with others, and we prayed over them. None of those dreams seemed too outlandish, just enough to carry out God’s purpose on the earth. I was very specific as I shared my dream. I wanted to be specific because the power of agreement was in the room.  I truly felt as if it was very possible.  It was interesting to note that many who shared their dreams this weekend, had never done so before. neither had they really been prompted to “state it” to someone else. The power of sharing… it’s phenomenal. It even helps you to dream bigger. (smile)  As we shared,  we then wrote them  down and we trusted our hearts to share them openly, and they grew. How mighty, is that!

I LOVE talking about [email protected]  Interestingly enough, one of my first speeches on foreign soil, was about dreams. One of my first international speeches involved encouraging youth about their dreams. Here, I spoke to a few youth in  Kuma, South Africa about  being purposed in  their dreams.


This weekend  was all about empowering leaders to dream with the passion God has ignited inside of each one of them. Funny thing happened for me, as  I shared my dreams… I realized I have already lived several of them. Some of my dreams involved: having a child – which happened just last month; another was to travel to distant lands and to  experience what it was like to minister to groups; and I realized this accomplishment had been completed, another was to marry my divine mate, and I have, and yet another was to begin to  have  retreats that help to empower women. My first one was held yesterday.

Looks like my goals have been reached and now it’s just a matter of time before the NEXT LEVEL comes.  I hope you enjoy the view! I was so happy to see God has  answered my prayers and I believe its just a matter of time before more success comes my way! And when it does, I shall be certain to let you know!

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