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My First "Last" Day of High School

By Danielleb
"Today is my first last day of high school. I'm a senior now."
That's what everybody's been saying on Facebook, so I figured I'd join in.
I'll be leaving in about three hours. At my school the upperclassmen arrive three hours late on the first day — probably to ease in the freshmen so they don't have mental breakdowns. Are seniors really that scary?
It's a bitter-sweet kind of day. Summer went by so fast. I had so many plans. You know how in the last week of school you always say "I'm going to make this the best summer ever, and savor every day"?
Why doesn't it ever work out that way?
I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. It's always that way before a big day, especially the First Day of School and Christmas Morning. You start freaking out because your brain just won't shut up, and you think you'll never get to sleep, but then you do. And then you wake up.
I've got an interesting year ahead of me (though the word "interesting" here is used completely generically; I couldn't think of anything better).
My classes consist of: ones that I didn't-want-but-had-to-take-because-my-schedule-was-messed-up-and-I-needed-a-first-and-sixth-period (Culinary Arts, Physics); ones that I'm not particularly excited about but should take (Civics, AP Lit, AP Statistics); and one that I hope upon hope will be a good escape (AP Studio Art).
No Chinese this year. I'm heartbroken.
It feels good to do an unorganized rant for once, but it's also kind of creeping me out. I feel like I'm in an exhausted daze, and I just hope I can make it through another daunting school year with my head in check.
The worst part is, I won't be able to post as frequently.
Goodbye, Summer. :(

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