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My Favourite Five Products at the Moment!

By Brokebutbeautiful @never2broke4bea
A look at the products that I am using the most at the moment.
My favourite five products at the moment!  I was struggling for inspiration for what to blog about today, so instead of posting my usual review I thought I'd do a round up of the top five favorite products I'm using at the moment. I have posted full reviews of all of them on my blog, so this will just be a summery of why I love them!
As a beauty blogger I have and use quite a lot of different products but at the moment these are the ones that I am using the most consistently, which is pretty much everyday! All these products have or will make me break my 'must not repurchase' rule. I have this rule so that I constantly have new products to write about but these are so good I'm not willing to replace them with other products.
1) George Volume Lash Mascara
If you read this blog regularly you will know I love this mascara. I really can't understand why I'm the only beauty blogger getting so excited about this product. I initially picked it up on a whim but I have used it every day since. It costs just £2.50 and has the same impact on my lashes as Benefit's They're Real, which is  seven times the price of this! I find it very easy to apply and it gives my lashes volume without any clumps. Don't be put off by the £2.50 price tag, it really is a great mascara!
2) MUA Lipstick 
I've only just posted a review of this but I had to include it because I think the MUA Lipstick in shade 14 is the most perfect nude shade I have ever used! Priced at just £1 MUA lipsticks really are the ultimate bargain. The formula is creamy and moisturising and the shade is just gorgeous. I'm not only going to repurchase this shade, I'm also going to pick up a few more shades too!
3) Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation
Anyone who reads this little beauty blog regularly will know that my skin is terrible at the moment. As well as trying the treat my skin I'm also trying to camouflage it and Vichy Dermablend is amazing for this! It is a full coverage foundation that is super long wearing. It is easily the best foundation I have ever tried. Priced at £15.50 it isn't the cheapest foundation on the market but in my opinion it is the best. I will be repurchasing this, as well as a few other Vichy products!
4) Angels On Bare Skin
Angels on Bare Skin is part of my clear skin toolbox. This toolbox is still a work in progress but Angels On Bare Skin is a great weapon against dull skin. It is very gentle and moisturising, so it great for dry and sensitive skin. It is also great on spotty and aggravated skin because it gently exfoliates but doesn't anger the skin further. It also smells amazing and costs just £5,95!
5) MUA Mosaic Blush,
This is another product that I have recently reviewed but I have found myself using it every day. It gives the cheeks a subtle flush and the end result is super pretty, I've seen a few reviews that say this is more a highlighter than a blush but I think the subtlety of this blush is what makes it stands out from the crowd. It is perfect for adding a healthy glow and at just £2.50 is another great bargain from MUA!
So there you go, these are a few are my favorite products at the moment. Have you got any favourites that you think I should try?
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