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My Favourite False Eyelashes

By Bellavitaxo
My Favourite False Eyelashes
I took this as I was in the middle of doing my make-up so I hadn't removed the fall-out from the eyeshadow off my cheek yet, that's why I look like a glitter ball! False eyelashes are my absolute must-have especially when I'm doing an evening look, which is why I wanted to share with you my favorite falsies. I'm tempted to make a how to apply video at some point as my friends always ask me to show them how to apply the strips or to do it for them, so I'm sure there must be more girls out there who would benefit from a little tutorial. The eyelashes I have been using for the past year or so are the Eylure Girls Aloud ones, in the style of Kimberley (not just because we share the same name haha!). I like them because they are natural looking but with a very noticable difference in the length and thickness. I have quite big round eyes so this style suits me well. Eylure is a good brand to use as they have a lot of different styles, I can't remember the style number but I used to use the second thinnest strips and they were really good for a similar natural look too. Lashes I have used in the past that I haven't been a fan of are Revlon, because I didn't feel like they were easy to cut or apply glue to and 'shape' (I will talk about this in my little tutorial), and basically any eyelashes sold in the supermarket for the same reasons! It is worth paying £5 - £6 for the good quality ones as it is so much easier to apply and they last much longer as well.

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