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By Bellavitaxo
This weekend we went on a bit of a whirlwind trip to London. Craig and Danny were down there to DJ in Pacha, but after my parents told me I should have a break, we decided to make a weekend of it.
Now Flynn is sleeping through the night, he was ready for his first sleepover at nan & grandads. The first night away from your baby is hard. As soon as I got to London and we got to the hotel, I started to feel very sad thinking about Flynn and was seriously considering going straight back home! One thing I've started to realize is that as soon as you have a child, you a) never stop worrying and b) always feel guilty about having time away from them, and actually enjoying yourself without them there. After a little chat with Gemma (Danny's wife), who also has a little boy, I started to feel better and ready to make the most of the weekend. We were right next to the palace so we went for a walk down there, and managed to see a few more sights here and there. As for their set at Pacha, I'm not into house music but I really enjoyed their set, and they were asked to do another set towards the end of the night, so they did really well. All in all it was a tiring but good weekend!

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