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My Experience with Caste in America

Posted on the 02 September 2016 by Calvinthedog

Vid writes:

Frankly speaking, 99.99% people, including Indians, do not even know what was the basis of caste system and what exactly it was. Over the time, it became a political tool to rule over people. Caste could never unite Hindus – that’s why they could never stand up against Muslim and British invasions. But stereotyping all Indians that they are casteist is wrong. First reason is that it is too diverse, many religions and tribes. Second reason is a large percentage of Indians you might meet belong to a low caste, and they know how it feels to be discriminated. So they won’t support caste system either.

Well, here we have Punjabis, and almost 100% of the ones I met support caste. I believe almost all Punjabis here are the higher caste, the Jats. In fact I heard that Khalistan will never be a reality because the low caste Sikhs know that in a Khalistan they will be horribly abused by the Jats. I met one Punjabi here who despises the Jats. I guess she is not one.

I met several Gujaratis. They are very uppity and keep to themselves and seem to think they are better than other people. I mentioned caste to three of them even saying they were from a merchant caste, and I got these very weird vibes from them like I had just divulged this diabolical little secret they were hiding. Casteist people almost seem Satanic to me. It is as if they know what they are doing is evil, but they don’t care. They are worshipping evil = caste.

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