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My Desert Island Discs

By Mummyoftwo @RaspberryGiggle

A little while ago I was tagged by Eileen over at ET Speaks from Home in the Desert Island Discs meme. As it has taken me a while to get this post done, as I have kept changing my mind, I have now been tagged by Jenny from the Brick Castle too!

I think I have finally decided on my chosen songs, so here goes!

1. Rule the World by Take That - I have been a huge Take That fan since they were first around all those years ago. I even had a crush on Gary before it was 'cool' to (yes even with his spiky blonde locks!). Rule the World is my favourite Take That song. I love the words, the music, everything about it!

2. Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd - This is a big favourite of mine and one that will probably surprise a few people that know me! I love everything about this song and it is a great one to sing along to and dance like a loon (as some old work colleagues of mine may remember from a Christmas party a few years ago!).

3. Feeling Called Love by Pulp - It was hard to pick just one song from Pulp, I love so many! This is probably up there as one of my favourites.

4. Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance - I know My Chemical Romance get a lot of stick but they are one of my guilty pleasures (sorry Big Mr A!). The album this song is from reminds me of some great times before the Little A's came along and I would be having a great dance around to this track on my own little island!

5. Chasing Rainbows by Shed Seven - Recently I have been rediscovering all that 90's Indie music that I used to love and introducing Little Miss A to some decent music! I loved Shed Seven but Chasing Rainbows is one of my all time favourites.

6. Local Boy in the Photograph by the Stereophonics - Again it was really hard just to pick one song! I have chosen this as it is one of the first Stereophonics songs I remember hearing and I just fell in love with Kelly Jones' voice, I never get bored of hearing it.

7. One to Another by The Charlatans - I remember The Charlatans were one of the first bands I got into once my boy band phase was over. I had their album on repeat on my Sony discman!

8. It's Oh So Quiet by Bjork - This isn't one of my favourite songs but it is my karaoke special and, as it is my desert island, I need something I can really sing along too!

9. Take your Mama by The Scissor Sisters - This song will always remind me of a great weekend in Manchester with my Mum when we went to see them live. We had about a 2 hour wait standing around listening to horrendous rave music before they came on stage but they were definitely worth the wait!

10. I am the Music Man by Black Lace - Last and by definite means least I have put this in purely for a good, let it all go dance! Big Mr A always takes the mickey out of me for knowing all of the moves to this, it used to be a big favourite at the discos we used to visit as children at our local holiday park! If you can't make a fool of yourself on your own desert island, where can you?!

As for my book, it would have to be book three in the Game of Thrones series, A Storm of Swords: Part 2 Blood and Gold. After watching the TV series I just had to read the books and have so far loved the first two. It would keep me going for a while to as they are not easy reading!

My luxury item would have to be my eyeliner. I have huge eyes and if I don't wear eyeliner I look ridiculous! I never go anywhere without it - even if I am staying in all day I'll still put some on! I know I will be on my own but you never know if Captain Jack Sparrow might turn up!

I hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit more about me through my musical tastes (and it hasn't sent you running for the hills!) - I have really enjoyed taking part in this meme (even though it has taken me forever to finish!).

Next up to share their musical tastes I tag Kelly from Writings, Ramblings and Reviews, Sabina from Mummy Matters and Rebecca from Dillydrops - have fun girls!

My Desert Island Discs

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