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My Current Wishlist Sep 2015

By Princessonfilm @Princessonfilm

My Current Wishlist Sep 2015
1. Mulberry Roxanne Tote In White .
I have been loving Mulberry since i was 13 years old and i have found that there bags are one of the best, I have been currently using my Mulberry witch i have had now for almost 4 years and i have found that i love it and i get a lot of people asking me about it, Saying that it is a lovely bag but it sometimes becomes very heavy to carry and it really hurts my arm now and again. When i am traveling such as on the train visiting my dad i cannot use my laptop because i cannot get it out of my suitcase to use it. So this would be the ideal bag for me because it has plenty of storage for me and it has a long carry handle so i can easily put it on my shoulder for easy travel.  I can easily get my laptop out and get some work done on the train and then put i can put it back in my bag for easy transport, I am currently looking at buying this bag at the end of the month before i go away again and mulberry doesn't make these bags no more and they have now been discontinued witch is a shame because the bags are lush.
2. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Purse Spray.
I have been after some of this lush perfume for months and months once my auntie gave me some and since then i have been totally in love with it, As Chanel perfumes and products are so expensive i wasn't able to get any until my birthday this year in June and i had the option to have the 50ml 100ml or the purse spray, At the time it was so hard to choose from so in the end i had the 50ml and i have used it now and again and the smell is lush and lasts thought the day and i love it, When i am traveling like going to see my dad on the train etc i cannot take any of my perfumes with me so this Chanel purse spray would be ideal for me and i am currently looking at getting one just or before christmas
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3. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream.
I have loved this new fragrance from Marc Jacobs since the day i saw it and smelt it, As i love the perfumes and having the daisy brand before i loved this one even more and the smell was like fresh garden with daisy in, I have always walked into Boots and i had to always have to have a spray of it because it smells so good, I love the design of the new bottle and the daisy' s are so beautiful and i so want this perfume so badly! Hopefully i can get one for Christmas.
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4. Marc Jacobs Honey.
I have also loved this new perfume from Marc Jacobs since it was released and the smell is so sweet and fresh, Every time i have a sample it feels like i have been in a garden full of daises and it makes me feel so fresh and lovely,  I have been asking and asking for some for a very long time now and i think the design of the bottle is like the Dot one but instead of the Red dots it has yellow dots, I might get some for Christmas this year,
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