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My Calling… On My Mind.

By Jenrene

Writing calls me.

My Calling… On my Mind.

This morning I woke up having and  had a very meaningful  dream. I was having a conversation with someone about  being present and  having “my calling”  reach for me –  and very present in my life.  I was speaking about my calling  being the air  I breathe, and the reason I have for living, moving… being. During the course of the conversation we were speaking of the pull and tug of our callings in life,  and how sometimes it feels so uncontrollable. I don’t see pain the way others do. I feel there’s a reason why we experience it. I believe sometimes even we  have a chance to  find ourselves in the pain and life lesson that causes us to experience it. I believe if we search our pain, and are present with our pain, we  find something  new and  beautiful about ourselves in searching for meaning. It we take time to notice,  we can feel a certain gravitation towards  certain topics and issues in life. Towards people, places and things. Towards causes.  Those conversations and causes  that pull us towards  our purpose, sometimes quite unexpectedly. I don’t believe there’s a day in my life that purpose doesn’t call me. There is always an opportunity or  meaningful instance in life that  I can grasp – something  I can use in my life to  impress upon my life purpose and bring greater definition to.  When this  instance impresses upon my mind and heart, I feel led to share - to talk about and to  write about the things that hurt my heart,  hurt the hearts  of others and  yet help us to  grow.

In searching the meaning of  the word calling –  I was a bit surprised to find a revelation: it means to  make a declaration. To  vociferate(to exclaim or cry out about (something) clamorously, vehemently, or insistently .) I thought.. “wow…”  It makes me want to  do say some things out loud that need to be said!  My  passion  speaks through my writing. I have a mind to help people search thier suls deeper.  To help them explore  in  their  hearts  the undesired pain and suffering,  to help parents  provide menaing for children whose lives have been inconvenienced and  set at a disadvantage because their parents  are not aware of how  to attain and visualize their legacy.

I  admonish you… think about today what moves you toward purpose.  Perhaps it’s Carpe Diem!  The sudden “seizing of the day”!  Find your  ultimate passion. Begin to  feel and find  within what’s deeply moves you and proclaim it.  Perhaps  the platform for your passion begins with you connecting with the spiritual side of your life and then moving intentionally towards that purpose. There’s a wonderful passage of scripture that enlightens our mind with the power of God’s spirit and  in the Message Bible it speaks plainly: “The Spirit, not content to flit around on the surface, dives into the depths of God, and brings out what God planned all along. Who ever knows what you’re thinking and planning except you yourself? The same with God—except that he not only knows what he’s thinking, but he lets us in on it.”  1 Corin. 2:10-12 MSG   Paul goes on to speak of how it’s impossible  for us to know and access the gifts freely given unto us by God unless we  have open communion with Him.

So what does it mean to commune with God?  It  simply means to ( ask, confer consider and approach with your Maker). If your life has a great plan, wouldn’t YOU want to be let in on it?   I often give great opportunity towards reaching for God’s spirit and reaching for the meaning in my life and purpose. I do this with not only seeking God’s face, but also the fellowship of friends and  like conversation. It keeps me centered to seek out such discussion, because God is always speaking.   That means if God is always speaking, He always has to say something to ME.

It is possible with this communion in the Spirit. Make it a practice. Better yet, make it an art. Make it a sanctuary… and watch what will happen to transform your life.

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