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MY BROTHER JOE Needs Prayers. Joe is a Big Bicycle Rider ...

By Rhody @rhody7
MY BROTHER JOE MY BROTHER JOE Needs prayers. Joe is a big bicycle rider ... Needs prayers. Joe is a big bicycle rider and fitness nut. On March 2, 2013, he fell going down hill at 35 MPH after avoiding a sign. He was with a group of bikers that go out riding all the time. We don't know what caused the fall yet.  He is in a trauma unit in a CA hospital and has been sedated since he went in. He has multiple breaks and a small skull fracture. His injuries are many so I won't go into detail.  My brother is a wonderful person who finds the good in everything and everyone. He is always there for everyone and has many, many friends. To know him is to love him.  He needs prayers to help him get well again. So if you can, just for a minute, find the time to send out a prayer for him I will be forever grateful to you. I know how strong the power of prayer is and that will help him a great deal. Please pray for my brother. ♥

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