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YES I HAVE BEEN MISSING! But with a Very Good Reason! Yes...

By Rhody @rhody7


But with a very good reason!

Yes I have been missing from my blog! I have been volunteering at my local animal shelter and have been so involved that I have overlooked everything!!
I have experienced a very humbling experience by doing this. I never realized how many animals are abused, disregarded and just turned into the shelter because they weren't wanted any more. I have heard stories that made me cry, stories that made me happy and have  experience joy every time an animal has been adopted. I have been totally amazed at the big hearts people have every time someone adopts an animal with only 3 legs, one eye or a feline HIV cat. God Bless these people. 
I have found out that you can get a feral cat and with time, patience and lots of love turn him/her into a loving, wonderful and very tame companion for someone. I have learned so much that I didn't know and saw so many animals come into the shelter and get adopted! I have even adopted an animal myself, even though I said I would not do that. Yes I adopted a Golden Retriever named Charlie who was surrendered to the shelter along with another dog and a cat. Charlie was 3 years old when I adopted him (now is 4) and did not have a very good life up to that point. Being crated most of his life, this beautiful dog now has the run of my house and is so loving and such a wonderful pet! He has made me happier just to see him!
I plead for everyone if you are looking for an animal, please adopt. These animals spend time in the shelters  that are lonely for them. They see us volunteers and think we are their family and the shelter is their home. That is so sad. Please help by adopting from your local shelter. These animals know pain and suffering and will give you love like you have never seen before.
Being a volunteer at my shelter has brought me so much. I get to love these animals when no one else wanted them. We socialize them and get them ready to be great pets and feel the rewards when they are adopted. 
So please adopt!!!!
If you would like to see our facebook page and the progress that these animals make, please like us on
The page was created by me and all my fellow volunteers post there. Its just for the volunteers and we speak for the animals. So please share our page and like us!  More people need to be made aware of what these wonderful animals go through.  

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