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My Breastfeeding Journey

By Caidiva @caidiva

My Breastfeeding Journey

I’ve always thought breastfeeding is easy and natural.
That all mothers can do it.
That babies would just naturally latch.
I thought that when you start nursing, milk would just flow.
That when babies latch, it would just take a while till they get full and then fall fast asleep.
That all mothers have abundant milk.
That it would always be pleasant.
That I would just breeze through it…

How delusional!

My baby was already 5 months old and was already sleeping through the night when I realized that my milk is dwindling. I used to be able to pump 4-5oz within 4-5 hours but suddenly it became 6-7 hours before I can produce that same amount.

The culprit: long intervals of feeding/ pumping and bottle feeding more often than necessary. I got complacent that my baby doesn’t get nipple confused anymore so when I feel like taking a break, I just give him the bottle. Mali!!!

Also, it didn’t help that I dont breastfeed when we go out (I’m not comfortable nursing in public) and neither do I bring my pump. Hayayay!

So now, I’m paying for the price of my negligence.

It’s already been 3 months since I started working on my milk production and up to now I’m still struggling. Thank God I have breastfeeding friends who offers support and help. It’s also great that there are kind-hearted lactation consultants like Ms. Sylvia Malabanan and that there are lactation or “milk booster" products available such as Mother’s Milk Tea and Mommy Treats.

(To be continued)

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