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My Body

By Fitvsfiction @fit_vs_fiction

MY body.

I’ve loved it

I’ve hated it

I’ve celebrated it

I’ve judged it unfairly

I’ve abused it

I’ve challenged it

I’ve trained it

I’ve trashed it

I’ve worked with it

I’ve worked against it

I’ve shared it passionately

I’ve shared it punishingly

I’ve shown it in pride

I’ve shown it in shame

I’ve fed it

I’ve starved it

I’ve created life with it

I’ve mourned death with it

I’ve endured the pain of scars with it

I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of tattoos with it

I’ve wished it were different

I’ve been grateful for how it is

I’ve fought to keep it alive

I’ve wondered if it was worth it

I’ve decided that it was


You might judge it

People do.

You might love it

you might  hate it

You might think it’s too big

You might think it’s too small

You might want to fuck it

You might want to friend it

You might want to ignore it completely

It doesn’t matter.

My body tells MY story.

The good and the bad.

The predictable and the shocking.

The sympathetic and the Scandalous

If I invite you in, leave your judgment at the door

And be prepared to get dirty because life is messy

Oh, and wear something comfortable, cuz there will be dancing..lots of dancing.

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