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My Baby Girl's Flower Headbands!

By Shoppingaholic @shoppingaholicc


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My Baby Girl's Floral Headbands! Claire's , Elitify
 Finding floral hairbands for my baby girl was quite a task. One day I decided to check out Claire's while window shopping in Ambiance Mall, Gurgaon. Claire's could be a one stop shop for such accessories that you can’t find easily - elastic hair bands, floral hair bands, different kinds of had gears, earrings, accessory organizer what now. 
But I found Claire's very expensive. I bought two hairbands in Rs.890. One of them is in above picture. There is another one in black and white polka dots. Otherwise I found other hairbands of very cheap quality, flowers and stitching. So my suggestion is if you are trying to find a girl accessory which is not available anywhere, then check out Claire's but make your choices carefully as quality is not that good and price is high.
My Baby Girl's Floral Headbands! Claire's , Elitify  Frock - Westside Hairband - Emma Jane,
The hairbands that you see in other two pictures are Emma Jane's hairbands bought on I am really happy with the quality and how comfortable, skin friendly texture is of these hairbands unlike Claire's hairbands.
These hairbands come in a pack of 8 for Rs. 1495. 8 hairbands in 1500 is not a bad deal if I compare it to Claire's.  Plus how cute they make my girl look.
My Baby Girl's Floral Headbands! Claire's , Elitify Frock - Ritu Wears, Pacific Mall, Anadvihar Hairband - Emma Jane, Socks - Buzzy,
My baby girl is popular among parents and teachers of her daycare as the-flower-girl.
  •  I am inactive on blog these days because I have recently joined a new project and new responsibility. My shift has changed due to this. I have to get-up earl in the morning to complete my daily chores, make lunch and pack lunchbox of my little girl and then again cleaning, mopping, dishes etc when I come back home. I really don't get time and by the time I want to work on posts, it i time for me to go to bed. But I am loving my routine as I am getting back to normal routine after doing night shifts for close to 8 years.

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