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My 5 New Favorite Things Are…

By Brisdon @shutuprun

With all this training I’ve stopped doing extras like making huge, complicated dinners (well, I never did that anyway), doing laundry (well, I never did that either – Ken does it and the kids do their own – hate me if you want), and reading lots of books (anytime I sit down to read, I find myself laying down then passing out in a second).

What I have not cut out is caffeine, TV, wine and food - lots of it.  I know there are lots of you who don’t watch TV. I happen to love it – but only for an hour or two starting at 7pm. It is my way of relaxing  and winding down from the day. My two dear and intimate friends, Ken and Wine, are usually there with me as well.

That said, here are a few new favorites I’ve added into my life in recent days.

1. Favorite Sandwich – My mom and I went to Panera today. Please tell me you have had their Grown Up Grilled Cheese. It is a million types of cheeses (including Gruyere – trés fancy) on sourdough bread with bacon. I skipped the bacon (but made up for it later when I took a shower using bacon soap while sipping a bacon martini and putting on bacon lip-gloss <- those items are real by the way, but I don’t really use them. I’m already scared enough about being mauled by a bear).

I substituted tomatoes and avocado for the bacon. And, GOOD LORD. There is nothing ever wrong about cheese, avocado and buttery bread. I offered my mom a bite and she said “No” that she really isn't that into cheese and I thought I might have to put her on a 72-hour hold. But, she clarified that she does love cheese, just not big hunky slices all melted. Hmmm…still confused by that.

Note: Panera now posts calories contents on its menu. If calories freak you out, you might not want this sandwich because I think it was about 870 calories (a Big Mac is only 550!)

I can’t quite bring myself to take pictures of my food, especially in restaurants (I’m not a true blogger I guess), so here is the stock photo:

Big Kid Grilled Cheese at Panera

2. Favorite Series – I cannot remember a time when summer TV has been this bad. We have nothing to watch but House Hunters and Breaking Bad (which I have loved from the first season).

First World Problems – #FWP!!!

I read the book, Orange is the New Black a few years ago and when I heard it was a series through Netflix, I had to watch. Plus, it’s only $7.99 to stream Netflix per month. Double score. I am loving OITNB. Just the right amount of drama and humor for my taste. Sometimes Ken and I don’t like the same shows (I am not sure what his problem is that he’s not into the Bachelorette), but this is one we both like to watch. Triple score.

Netflix Original Orange Is The New Black

3. Favorite Bar (no, not that kind of bar) I’ve always liked Luna Bars, especially the chocolate/coconut one. The other day on my long trail run I tried the carrot cake bar. I know this is not a new flavor, but it was new to me. The mix of cinnamon, walnuts and carrots really reminded me of fall and with 28 g of carbs, 8 g of protein and some sodium/potassium, I thought it was a reasonably substantial and healthy bar (although I’ll still take carrot cake with massive amounts of cream cheese frosting any day. It gets kind of messy on a trail run).

Carrot Cake

4. Favorite Coffee – a few months ago I did review on the Keurig coffeemaker. At that time, I still thought my brewed Mr. Coffee coffee was better. But, that was before I tried Starbucks French Roast K-Cups. I love a really bold, strong, full bodied coffee and this one is the BEST (imho). I’ve started buying it by the case (54 K Cups) off of Amazon. Early in the morning Sam and I share a small pot of coffee. Then I go do whatever workout I have to do and come home (usually a good 3 hours later) and have a large cup of French Roast.


(Btw, I think my shoulders are getting bigger from all the swimming. If I look tired, I am).

4. Favorite Wine. I love chardonnay. End of story. I am very close minded about it. Do not offer me Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc.

The other night my friend Erika brought over some Posh Pinot Grigio. I snubbed my nose at it (good friend that I am), but then she left the remainder in my fridge and I wasn't about to let it go to waste. This stuff is amazing. Especially for a hot summer day. It is light, crisp and smooth. Plus, it has one of my favorite wine labels of all time. Only bad thing - they do not make chardonnay, which is clearly a felony. I think Posh goes for about $10.99 per bottle, so pretty reasonable.

My 5 New Favorite Things Are…

That’s all I got. But, I’d love to hear from you!

Do you have any recent favorites?

What do you think of restaurants posting calories on their menus? Does it motivate you to make different choices than you would otherwise? I think it’s a good idea. While I don’t count calories per se, I think for those trying to lose weight or eat healthier, it might encourage different choices. I don’t think people realize how many calories are in certain foods.

What’s your favorite TV series right now?


PS: I was not coerced or bribed or paid to talk about these products. All opinions are MINE.

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