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Muslims Heart Jews

Posted on the 16 May 2016 by Calvinthedog

Interesting that the Jews react way worse than the Muslims, but that does not surprise me one bit. Jews can be nasty as Hell. They’re not nearly as deadly as Muslims, but they’re both pretty nasty.

The behavior of some of those Jews was out and out creepy. A couple of young hoodlums starts following the couple yelling that they are a couple of faggots. Jews actually throw water bottles and other objects at the couple. One very creepy Jewish man follows the couple for 25 minutes videotaping them. These behaviors can only be described as menacing.

On the other hand, these are Orthodox Jews, and the Orthodox are basically Jews on steroids. Everything you don’t like about Jews and all the negative stereotypes about Jews will be expressed 10 times more commonly among the Orthodox, whereas some secular Jews are so assimilated that you could know them your whole life and never even know they were Jewish, as was the case with some of the Jewish friends of my family. I didn’t learn they were Jewish until I had known them for 30 minutes.

Curiously, the Muslims were pretty sedate.

On the other hand, the Jews were also much more enthusiastic. Maybe Jews are just louder and more expressive than Muslims. This follows stereotypes that Jews are loud, brash, rude and obnoxious. On the other hand, being loud and expressive works both ways here, where the Jews were both the most supportive and condemning of the couple.

The Muslim and Jewish man sitting together drinking coffee out of that elaborate coffee pot were both Arabs. The Arab man is an Arab Jew. I know this because the Jewish man responds in Arabic. They may well be from the same country. Arab Jews and Arab Muslims get along better than you might think, especially if they are from the same country. Some Yemenis run the local store here, and they told me that they get along well with Yemeni Jews in the US, and that in New York, Yemeni Muslims and Yemeni Jews run stores together. They probably could not do that back home.

People come to a new country, and they leave a lot of their old prejudices behind.

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