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Musings, Thoughts and Expressions.

By Misslara16 @misslara
Musings, Thoughts and Expressions.
So, I was supposed to be studying but my mind drifted for a second to things that weren't right in my life and my mind wanted to complain I decided instead of complaints or feeling bad I was going to write a song of gratitude. Now I think we have a "soem"  because I couldn't decide if it was a song or a poem. Here it is...
Your mercy you do not hold back
my praise I wont hold back
all this time I just complained
took your love as something plain
talked like you don't exist
when all you want is my praise
I look back and I think
its been rough yet I live
that's cos your love made it so
even when I am some place low
called low debar or so
I still know you want my praise
I'm convinced and I know
I wont stop praising your name
cos if I do that will just be lame
I dance cray like David yo
all these people looking I'm ignoring
cos I know all you want is my praise.
So now I'll praise you through the good and the bad
through the storm, the rain and the hail
cos I need life to know if its so
my breath is an opportunity you give
my existence a privilege I revere
Dear lord, I must confess I'm in love with you so
yet all you want is my praise
When I walk through the valley low
I don't sweat cos your love is so near it shows
colour you bring to my life I know
enabling me color the world, painting history with your love,
now that's my show
Here I am putting up a show, how long do you want it lord?
how great do you want it I ask...
look at me I am at your disposal
a show for your love, a dance for your grace
I am all yours and yes you get your praise.
It didn't stop there...
Musings, Thoughts and Expressions.
You make me smile, sometimes a little too much
You make me laugh , sometimes a little too hard
You make me frown just a little? No that's a lie
It feels good to have you a part of my world because now I know that my smile, tears , laughter, and frown means something to someone...
my someone, my you...
Now, this I wrote with a certain special someone in mind... Don't ask me who!
Musings, Thoughts and Expressions.
Then I cant remember what I was thinking when I wrote this. I'm guessing I was in one of my motivational speaker mind space....  Enjoy
The worst thing a lady can ever do to her self is to;
  1. Have no direction, focus or passion
  2. Feel worthless because of a mistake made either in the past or even at present
  3. Rely on a man for self esteem
Yea... so that's what's been on my mind in a while now, I hope you learn a thing or too from this. I have learnt to be grateful, I have learnt to allow myself to be mushy enough to write with a person  in mind and I have learnt that as a woman its best to let God be your motivation and source. We learn everyday don't we?
Thanks lovlies
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